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Bicycle Heaven featured in new television show ‘That’s a Lot’!

Bicycle Heaven is featured in a new television show - "That's a Lot" on WQED-TV. The show airs at 8 p.m. Thursday (Dec. 1) evening. For more details, read the following article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Craig Marrow explains how his bike collection of over 3200 bikes started from a single bike in his small garage in an alleyway.
Craig Marrow explains how his bike collection of over 3200 bikes started from a single bike in his small garage in an alleyway.

‘That’s a Lot’ highlights regional oddities

WQED-TV producer/​editor Frank Caloiero has worked on plenty of programs since joining the station in 1993, including Rick Sebak documentaries, “Pittsburgh From the Air” shows and the “American Masters” piece on August Wilson. This week he gets his own 30-minute special, “That’s a Lot.”

Topically, it bears some similarity to one of Mr. Sebak’s shows — “That’s a Lot” explores quirky local places — but the way this new program is shot and cut is entirely different.

“That’s a Lot” uses no narrator and eschews the “aren’t people something?” vibe of Mr. Sebak’s shows. The 30-minute program is segmented into five parts ready to be broken into easily digested online videos. (Each segment will be posted to WQED’s Facebook page over five days beginning Dec. 12.)

While a few of the topics chosen may be familiar to some viewers, the way Mr. Caloiero puts each segment together suggests there are new nuggets of information to be gleaned from each. He begins with a visit to the North Side’s Bicycle Heaven for a quick review of some really unusual bikes and continues on to tour holy relics at St. Anthony Chapel on Troy Hill, Dellalo’s Italian Marketplace in Jeannette, the Pymatuning Spillway in Linesville and Pinball Perfection in West View.

It’s an entertaining, informative half-hour that moves at a welcome quick clip. Don’t enjoy the story you’re watching? No worries, a new one will begin in no more than five minutes.

Without a narrator, Mr. Caloiero allows his interview subjects to provide the skeleton for each story with visitors filling in their reactions to a store full of vintage bikes or feeding carp or hundreds of pinball machines.

Although there are no plans to make more installments, “That’s a Lot” feels like the pilot for a potential series of specials. There are certainly enough interesting, offbeat businesses and locations in Western Pennsylvania to warrant it.

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