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Scott R. Hirschman

Bicycle Heaven

Bicycle Heaven Museum was established in 2011 by Craig & Mindy Morrow. It is the world's largest bicycle museum & shop, as seen in the New York Times and Associated Press. Rated on Trip Advisor as the #1 Pittsburgh Museum and voted top bike shop in Pittsburgh.

Kuba 101

A Day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I take a trip to the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Inside of the city I check out the Market Square, stroll around Point State Park, explore Bicycle Heaven, walk through stores at the Strip District, eat some amazing Pierogi, admire Randyland, and go to Duquesne Incline.

Kyle Archer

Bicycle Heaven: A Magical Mystery Must See

For a school project, for travelers, and Pittsburghians to get a glimpse to the wonder museum.

City Geek

Original Video Here.

Watch Us Bicycle Heaven At 5:31 - 5:44

Pittsburgh Overview I An Informative Introduction To Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Pittsburgh is an incredible city. It's visually one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but there is plenty more than makes Pittsburgh unique among cities in the county. In this video I breifly cover Pittsburgh's history, population, skyline as well as a few things that make it unique. Thanks for watching: Pittsburgh Overview | An informative introduction to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania." - City Geek

Sharing the Road

Watch Us Bicycle Heaven At 6:54 - 7:39

Top 7 Things To Do In Pittsburgh I Best Sights & Hidden Gems

"😊 Hey there description box reader! If you feel so inclined, please consider buying us a coffee or using one of our affiliate links down below to keep us on the road. Any and all support means the world to us. Don't want to? That's fine too!" - Sharing the Road

The Retromantic

We Could NOT Stop Saying "WOW" At The World's Largest Bicycle Museum! (6,000+ Bikes & Retro Items!)

When I visited Pittsburgh, I knew one of my stops would have to be at Bicycle Heaven, the World's Largest Bicycle Museum! This place is packed to the rafters with vintage and newer bikes, interesting oddities and lots of cool retro items! Bicycle Heaven is also the location of one of Pee-wee Herman's bikes used in the movie "Pee-wee's Big Adventure!" Don't miss the blacklight gears room, the Donald Duck Quacking Bike, the Cheetos bike, an Evil Knievel bike, a bike with multiple seats that the Monkees rode, a "Butt Powered" bike 😂 and so much more! You'll want to keep an eye out for your own childhood bike...maybe it made it into Bicycle Heaven! I couldn't find mine, but my video companion, TRE57 Production, a local, found the super rad Sigma bike that he had as a kid! Bicycle Heaven also has a repair shop, bike rentals and items for sale. You can trade/sell with them as well. This museum is absolutely incredible--and is 100% FREE to tour! (Donations are encouraged) If you travel to or live in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, you need to make a stop at Bicycle Heaven!


World's LARGEST Bicycle Museum! / Pee Wee Herman Bike & Nostalgia Overload at Bicycle Heaven

Welcome to Bicycle Heaven! This is home to the Worlds LARGEST Bicycle Museum/Collection, and also home to the Pee wee Herman Bike from the movie Pee wee's Big Adventure. Located just a short distance from downtown Pittsburgh, this place is like taking a walk back in time. With over 6,000 bikes, there's almost too much to see. On top of that, admission is 100% Free! This is a must see in person location.


Bicycle Heaven | Bike Museum in Pittsburgh, PA

One of the highest rated attractions in Pittsburgh, Bicycle Heaven is a fascinating, and huge collection of vintage, unique, and movie prop bicycles from the last 125 years. Thousands of bikes, parts, and nostalgia. Plus, the largest collection of banana seats you ever saw! We enjoy traveling to see interesting places, theme parks, and great destinations. Join us for some fun, and new experiences each week, along with our occasional Monorail Monday series featuring behind the scenes history, and stories about working at Disney.

Our Lifestyle Podcast

Bicycle Heaven Complete Walkthrough 4K

Visited Bicycle Heaven 7.10.2021 and did a complete walkthrough in 1080. I held the camera in this video and exported in 4K.


WORLD'S LARGEST Bicycle Museum! OVER 4000 BIKES!

Bicycle Heaven! Harley Davidson bikes, wooden bikes, more Schwinn Stingrays than you've ever seen in your life, bikes/parts of all sizes from all eras and everything you can imagine in between can be found at Bicycle Heaven in Pittsburgh PA! With over 4000 bicycles, Bicycle Heaven is the world's largest bike museum and it's even free! This place is awesome and definitely worth the stop even just for the spectacle that is 4000+ bicycles. Donations keep the lights on and are definitely warranted for the experience this place offers so don't be shy! If you'd like me to go back and walk through the rest of the museum, let me know and I will!

Scottsdale Travel Chick

Bicycle Heaven - A Strange Bicycle Museum in Pittsburgh. You've Never Been To a Museum Like This!

Are you a bike rider, do you enjoy museums? I guarantee this place is like no other museum you have been to. Bicycles from The Beatles to The Monkeys to that Schwinn Bicycle you rode in the '60s or '70s. Over 5000 bikes, take your time and enjoy!!!! Its really quite impressive!!! The museum is Free, yes I said FREE!!!! I would however suggest a donation, so please do that. The staff allows you to walk around freely and admire all of these rare vintage bicycles, take your time and enjoy this 2 story museum- every corner you go around is another impressive display of bikes, spokes, handlebars, tires, etc. Looking for that handlebar to a Schwinn bike? Yep they have every color imaginable and if not they have the paint that can match that oldie but goodie bicycle.

Cebuana Abroad

Bicycle Heaven Pittsburgh

Best Place to visit if your in town, and its Free They do Bike Repairs too.

Gulinoz Javodova

Bicycle Heaven - Pittsburgh Hidden Gems

Welcome to my documentary series of "Pittsburgh Hidden Gems". Where I will be traveling and exploring around Pittsburgh and visiting some cool locations. In the process of it, I will be documenting my experience and meet with founders and creators of the locations. While exploring, I will try to get some cool, interesting facts and some information about the places. Thank you for CEO, of Bicycle Heaven, Craig Morrow, for giving me a tour around the museum and providing me with some cool facts. If you around Pittsburgh, give a visit to this incredible museum shop.

Let's Camp S'more

Bicycle Heaven Museum in Pittsburgh

A little more from our visit to Bicycle Heaven, a quirky bike museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Let's Camp S'more

Psychedelic Room At Bicycle Heaven In Pittsburgh

Crazy psychedelic room of neon gears with black lights at Bicycle Heaven Museum.


Bicycle Heaven

We sat down with the owner of Bicycle Heaven, Craig Morrow, to talk about the history of his bike shop turned museum. We also get a chance to marvel at his expansive collection of bikes and memorabilia that he's acquired. Hope you enjoy!