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Bicycle Heaven Museum Flooded Devastating Damaged

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Hello everyone, we are Craig & Mindy Morrow. We're the owner of The world's largest Bicycle Heaven Museum & Bike Shop. On Christmas eve, we got flooded and much damaged to the museum and all of the carpet, vintage bike accessories, bikes and so many others need to be replaced and repaired. Bicycle Heaven is a nonprofit museum free to the public and not a government-funded organization and this is devastating for me and my family. I am so busy right now trying to save what I can so I can update more infomation later after cleaning all this mess. I could use any help that you can. Thank you so much. I will have photos and more information on my Craig Morrow / Bicycle Heaven facebook or Thank you for everything.

- We also accept donation through Venmo, Cash App & PayPal.
Venmo: @Bicycle_Heaven
Cash App: $bicycleheaven

2 popular Pittsburgh businesses shut down due to freezing temperatures and burst pipes

Reopening date uncertain for Bicycle Heaven museum, shop after December flood

Local bike museum endures massive damage after pipe bursts

Post-Gazette: Bicycle Heaven on the North Side pauses operations after flood

Triblive: Bicycle Heaven looks to raise money after major flood damage

WPXI: Local bike museum endures massive damage after pipe bursts

CBS News: Broken pipe causes major damage at Bicycle Heaven

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