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Journey With YaJagoff - North Side Museum Tour

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Have you ever been to Johnny Angel's " Johnny Angels Ginchy Stuff and Music Museum?" How about Craig Morrow's " Bicycle Heaven ?' And please tell us you've at least HEARD of Randy Gilson's " Randyland?" If not, here's your chance to see all three in one day with us AND get peronalized tours from the owners!

Ticket Price $35 (includes box lunch, tshirt and personalized tours by the owners)

Schedule: We will record our weekly podcast from 10am-11am while you register, get your one-of-a-kind t-shirt and eat a lunch provided by Chateau Cafe and Cakery. You will then be guided on tours of Bicycle Heaven and the Ginchy Stuff Museum for 45-60 minutes per stop. Then, you will be taken, by school bus, while we sing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" to Randyland for a 45-60 minute tour. You will be brought back to your car after and are free to go.

Free parking in the lot of Bicycle Heaven and Ginchy Stuff.

Tickets go to

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