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Bicycle Heaven Shop & Museum, Pittsburgh

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Your kids don't have to be avid cyclist to appreciate Bicycle Heaven.  There's something cool about being surrounded by thousands of bikes hanging from the ceiling and lining the aisles. Some of these are not ordinary bikes.

"That Pee Wee Herman's bike," said owner, Craig Morrow, who pointed to a familiar red and white cycle on displaying front of a poster of Pee Wee Herman with his iconic bike.

Mr. Morrow had been collecting bikes for 30 years, ever since he found an old bike in the junk. Although he started his collection in his Bellevue home, Bicycle Heaven move into his ware house in the Casey Industrial Park Five years ago.

"This is the world's largest bike shop / museum," he said, "parents love to bring their kids to the museum because they love the nostalgia of finding the bike they had when they were kids."

In case you wondering, banana seat abound at Bicycle Heaven.

As we wonder through upstairs and downstairs room, Craig showed me the museum's sports section, which pays homage to Pittsburgh's black & gold. A life size Elvis cut out decorated the museum section, and nearby, i saw a Beatles bike, as well as the famous 4-seaters bike that 1960s TV rock group, The Monkees, rode. 

"BMX bikes are really big right now and these are very rare bike," Craig said, pointed to several bikes lineup in front of the row of trophies.

One of my favorite parts of my museum tour was the sprocket room, which is psychedelic, neon art installation that displays a variety of sprocket, dating from the 1890s, on the wall.

Although the museum is the popular draw, Bicycle Heaven also repair and sell new and used bike. Such a diverse bicycle inventory, the shop sell part all over the world.

Families can also rent bike and ride on the North Shore trail, which is outside Bicycle Heaven's door. In case mom wants to hang back, Craig's wife runs a nail salon in one of the rooms. There really is something for everybody.

Right now Craig and his long time buddy, STU are organizing an annual Christmas holiday tradition of giving away train sets to kids.

"People love it here. I feel pretty lucky."

Bicycle Heaven is open daily from 10am - 7pm.

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