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Bicycle Heaven featured in CIRCA!

No one owns more bicycles than this guy. Here's how he got the world's largest collection.
by Shaun Mir

Key items at Bicycle Heaven include an original Pee-Wee Herman bicycle specifically designed for the 1985 film, "Pee-Wee Herman's Big Adventure." The last known Pee-Wee bike sold for $36,600 on Ebay a few years ago. 

But according to Craig, the "Bowden Spacelander" bicycle is the museum's biggest draw and unique collectible. Only 40 these rare, one of a kind fiberglass bicycles exist today. Bicycle Museum owns about 17, each one coming with a hefty price tag of $48,000 dollars. 

According to Craig almost everyone at one point in their lives owned or rode a bicycle. That love and nostalgia remained with him as an adult and he wanted to pay homage to the vehicles.

He started collecting bicycles through trade shows and flea markets. Eventually that collection grew out of his garage into his friends' garages and eventually into the massive warehouse space he purchased a few years ago. 

Bicycle Heaven is open 7 days a week and free to the public. 

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